Veronica Mars, Portable, And The New Love Of My Life

15 Mar

Kristen Bell

Guys, I’m so excited to announce that I am now a contributor at!

*Fiona Apple dance in celebration*

I love pop culture, I love this website and I’m beyond thrilled that my first article was about Veronica Mars, one of my television heroes.

Was that enough love and adoration for one sentence?

Read my first article–5 Things I Want To See In The Veronica Mars Movie here.

Also, I feel it’s important to tell you that today, the same day this article was published, I went to a live taping of Hot in Cleveland where none other than Rico Colantoni guest starred!   Rico Colantoni as in KEITH MARS, VERONICA’S FATHER.  Rico Colantoni as in NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Fate?  I think so.

Rico Colantoni is hot hot hot in person.  And in Cleveland.  Bazinga.

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