25 Mar

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Can I ask you a question? When is it appropriate for me to sing “California Girls” at karaoke? I was born in San Diego. I’ve lived in Malibu for 8 months. I once talked about The 405 like I was knowledgeable. When can I sing “California Girls” and not be a fraud? Deep philosophical thoughts that plague me…

Moving on.

Today Rob and I went to Chinatown. I always enjoy a good tourist day, but this one was especially fun because last week we studied Chinatown in my History of American Film class and so I felt all knowledgeable and film student-y.

We came with huge expectations because Rob had heard that Yang Chow was the best Chinese food in LA and had change-your-life slippery shrimp.

Lies, all lies.

We ordered enough food for the next three months and felt pretty so-so about it all. Like so so-so that when I asked Rob the best part of the meal he said, “Your company.”

I’m not that charming.

Chinatown was fun, though.

PS: If you ever come to Malibu and realize there are no Chinese restaurants, you may be tempted to order the crab rangoons at Duke’s. DON’T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF.

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One Response to “Chinatown”

  1. Sara March 27, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    When you get to the point that you can sing California Girls for karaoke….just remember…don’t do it on a first date that also happens to be a group date, with your future husband (although you denied anything of the sort in the moment) and his best buddies that tell you your language is inappropriate and that very song you choose for karaoke (yes I am talking about California Girls by the BEACH BOYS, not katy perry) is turned off in the middle WHILE YOU ARE SINGING because it is too inappropriate. what??

    Well that was quite a run-on sentence so hopefully you followed…miss you Jill! But we are moving to Cali too so we will be in the same state again soon!

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