An Ode To Diane Chambers

12 Mar


Thankfully Mindy Kaling has not forgotten about Diane Chambers.

Sometimes I worry that the world has forgotten about Diane Chambers.  That she’s been relegated to the role of 80s icon, never to be seen or spoken of again.  That an entire generation only knows Shelley Long as Jay’s ex-wife on Modern Family.

Sometimes I worry about this so much I write entire blog posts about my concerns.

Diane Chambers is an icon and should never be far from our thoughts for about 112 reasons, but let’s just start with one for today:

She is is one half of the quintessential on/off love affair of our time.

You heard me Ross and Rachel and Carrie and Big–Sam and Diane did it first.  And arguably better.

I feel really bold right now.

Today I suggest that we all take a moment to remember Diane Chambers.  Change our ringtones to Gary Portony.  Speak as pretentiously as possible.  Say things like, “How dare you try to be funny when I hate you!”  Drive all ex-Red Sox players mad.

Today we ask ourselves, What Would Diane Chambers Do?

Who’s with me?!

I think I’ll go read War and Peace and then tell someone I hate them with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.

This Diane Chambers thing is right up my alley.

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