An Indoorsy Girl Questions Her Identity

29 Mar

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Once Ashley and I went on a hike.

I say “once” and I literally mean one time. I don’t know what came over us. Guilt over living amongst natural beauty and never leaving bed? Threats from parents to steal Two Weeks Notice again? Me wanting to wear braids? I can’t recall.

We never made it to our hike destination.  In fact, in less than an hour we were talking about stomping “SOS” into the ground and waiting for a helicopter to come rescue us.

*Drama queens*

I’ve never been one for “The Great Outdoors.”  I’m a solidly indoorsy person, thank you very much.

But Malibu?  Oh man.  Malibu makes me want to take pictures of nature.  Malibu inspires me to go on walks.  Malibu takes my breath away and sparks creativity when I’m feeling blah.

I think I’m starting to understand what these outdoorsy people are talking about.

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