There’s No Place Like Home

22 Feb


Gretchen: You know Dawson, it might interest you to know that I did take one film class in college.
Dawson: Was it a monumental waste of time?
Gretchen: No, it was great actually. But you know what my teacher said was the most bogus line in Hollywood cinema?
Dawson: What?
Gretchen: “There’s no place like home.”
Dawson: Wizard of Oz.
Gretchen: Exactly. It’s what everybody remembers about the movie, but it doesn’t resonate with the rest of the story. Think about it. You know home is this desolate, gray, dust bowl of a place where some nasty old lady is trying to kill your dog. And Oz is …
Dawson: Technicolor.
Gretchen: And sure it has it’s problems. You know, poppy fields, flying monkeys, …
Dawson: Talking trees.
Gretchen: But along the way you make friends. Good friends. With people that you never even knew existed when you were growing up. Straw people, tin people, …
Dawson: And lions.
Gretchen: Exactly. And you help each other realize that all the things that you want to be, you already are. ¬†And it’s fun.

–Dawson’s Creek, Season 4

I’m home!

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