The Worst Part About Traveling Alone

5 Feb


A stranger took this picture for me.  Notice the arm placement.

The worst part about traveling alone is that awkward moment when you have to ask a stranger to take your picture.

You debate it for awhile.

“Do I really need a picture here?  The pictures I got of the trees are probably sufficient.”

Jill, you’re at Hearst castle.

“Yeah, but really there’s no one around.  That man looks really busy.”

He’s not busy.  Ask him.

When you finally gather your courage and ask for a picture, there’s inevitably something that needs to be changed. Your smile.  Where you are standing.  Your arm placement.  But it’s not like you’re going to ask the poor stranger to take another picture.  I can’t even imagine that conversation.

“Actually, that picture didn’t turn out like I had hoped, my arm placement is sort of weird.  Can we try that again like 10 more times until I’m satisfied?”

Maybe it’s time to settle for pictures of trees.

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  1. OwlMcCloud February 5, 2013 at 9:56 am #

    Amazing blog and post! Love the photo too!

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