In Honor Of The Oscars

24 Feb



Is the resemblance uncanny, or is the resemblance uncanny?

Caitlin and I have a pet screenplay we like to discuss. This is Los Angeles, everyone has a pet screenplay they like to discuss.

If I’m honest though, what I enjoy talking about more than the actual screenplay is the inevitable acclaim that will follow such a brilliant display of talent.  What will it be like to pull a Matt and Ben and win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay as best friends at such a young age?  Will it test our friendship?  How will we adjust to life in the spotlight?

You know.

This has led to several deep discussions on the topic.

Jill: Okay, let’s be serious here, who is the Matt and who is the Ben in this friendship? We can’t come to this decision lightly.

Caitlin: Of course.

Jill: All right then, on the count of three we yell who we think we are. Ready? One, two, three–BEN!

Caitlin: Silence


Caitlin: I’m sorry, I panicked. I swear I was going to say Matt!

Jill: You swear?

Caitlin: I swear. Here, let’s try again.

Jill: All right. One, two, three–BEN!

Caitlin: MATT!

Thus it was said.

If you are new to the “Are You A Matt Or A Ben” question, I suggest you look beyond hair color and examine your core being. A good question to start with is:

1) Are you more likely to marry someone you met at a bar? (Matt/Caitlin)

2) Are you more likely to have a dramatic Bennifer relationship that goes up in flames before you find The One? (Ben/Jill)

After you’ve had sufficient time for introspection/re-watching Good Will Hunting, I would love to hear, are you a Matt or a Ben?

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  1. Madge October 10, 2016 at 11:37 pm #

    This piece was cogent, werwl-litten, and pithy.

  2. poin xtra kartu kredit cimb December 11, 2016 at 5:05 am #

    You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

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