Goodbye Liz Lemon

1 Feb


Sometimes I dress up as Liz Lemon.

I had every intention of writing a Goodbye Liz Lemon post that would light the internet on fire.  A post that would inspire thousands, make the masses laugh, and establish me as the next Tina Fey!

I spent the week reviewing my favorite 30 Rock moments.  I talked to other devout 30 Rock fans.  I said, “That’s a Dealbreaker!” at least twice.

But the magic alluded me.  Perhaps I had put too much pressure on my Liz Lemon post.  Okay, I had put too much pressure on my Liz Lemon post.  But really, who am I to narrow down the genius that is Tina Fey?

My Goodbye Liz Lemon post was going to start out like this:

Liz Lemon is the I Ching.  Liz Lemon is the sum of all wisdom.  Liz Lemon is the answer to any question.

Catchy, right?

In lieu of my life-changing post, I recommend you watch Hulu’s Top 25 30 Rock Moments while eating Cheese Puffs.  I suggest you say “blerg” once a clip.  I vote you wear a Princess Leia costume for good measure.  And don’t worry, if you yell out, “I want to go to there!” don’t be ashamed.  It happens.

[hulu id=auirqaax8_opm4lwlumwhg width=512]


Goodbye Liz Lemon.  You will be missed.

PS: Was anyone else emotional last week when we met Liz’s children?  Sniff.

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