Only In Dreams

26 Jan


In my assignment of Grey’s Anatomy characters, Amy is a Bailey.  I am a Meredith.

I take my dreams very seriously, too seriously some might say.  Luckily so do my friends.  This means several times a week I have conversations like this:

Amy: Last night I had a Grey’s dream.  I had my baby at Seattle Grace.  She needed surgery, and I only trusted Alex with her life.  Of all the doctors.  And now I’ve been thinking about it all morning.  Is Alex the person I trust most in the cast?  What does this mean?

Jill: I trust Cristina most.

Amy: In waking hours I would say the same, but apparently my subconscious has other plans for me.  You should consider who is your doctor at Seattle Grace.  It might throw you into madness, though.

Don’t I just have the best friends?

PS After careful introspection I’m still going with Cristina as the cast member I trust most.  And McSteamy as the cast member I trust most with my heart.  WHAT? Yes, I went there.

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