Love! Jewel

13 Jan


This year for my birthday, my dear friend Breanne got Jewel to sign a program for me.


I’ve been mildly obsessed with Jewel since my first real break up when I played “You were meant for me” on an unending loop, convinced she and only she understood what it truly meant to be heartbroken. Ah, 17-year-old Jill. She was a treat.

I just checked and I have 112 Jewel songs on my iPod.

You probably didn’t know Jewel was so prolific.

As I was saying…Breanne was at the National Book Festival in DC, and as a proper bestie, she approached Jewel in my absence.  I asked her about this obviously life-changing encounter.

What did Jewel sound like?

What types of vibes did you get from her?

Do you think we would be best friends?

Ah, 25-year-old Jill.  I’m still a treat.

Anyway, Breanne gave Jewel “lots of material to work with” to get a meaningful inscription–  my name, birthday, life’s goals, hopes, fears and dreams…

Jewel ignored all her input, like the rebel she is, and signed it simply:

Jill–Love! Jewel

Bre apologized that the signature wasn’t more personal and exciting.  I told her not to worry, though. I mean, it’s JEWEL.

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