In Which I Wax Overly Emotional About Conan O’Brien

23 Jan


We know my feelings on the charming, charming Jay Leno and his jean on jean get up.  We know about my vibes with him.  We know that he’s got it going on.

But then last week I went to Conan.  Last week I saw that tall redhead dance and perform physical comedy and light up the room and my heart.

I know what you’re thinking.  Again, Jill?  Do you just fall in love with any old TV host you see live?  WHERE DOES THE MADNESS END?

Believe me, I wondered this myself. But today I went to Dr. Phil and there was just nothing between us. Nothing at all. So there.

Anyway, while at Conan, I suddenly grew emotional about the whole Tonight Show debacle.  The unfairness of it all just welled up inside of me. “This man deserves everything good in the world,” I thought, watching him video blog in front of a live audience.

“Jill,” my rational side implored, “It’s okay.  This man has a good life.  He has a wife and kids.  He has a great show.  His hair is perfect.  He was paid $33 million in the whole ordeal. This happened in 2010.”

And then my emotional side answered back, “Yes, but he didn’t want the money.  HE WANTED THE TONIGHT SHOW. This is as relevant today as it was in January 2010.  This will never stop being relevant.”

I was genuinely torn up about the whole thing, perhaps a testament to my ability to over-relate to people I do not know.

Team Coco!

PS: Can we talk about Andy Richter for a moment?  What is he doing on this show?  I think he spoke two lines the whole time.  I’m confused??

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One Response to “In Which I Wax Overly Emotional About Conan O’Brien”

  1. Fiona February 28, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    I am going to the states for the first time (ever) (from Africa) at the end of this year and the thing I am most excited about is that I could possibly see Conan live. Imagine that, out of all the things America exports, Late Night with Conan ‘O Brien is my favourite. So I totally get the emotional rant; this is why I searched for this post (also, to see if you had any tips on how I could guarantee a spot). I agree with the Andy thing, to be honest I took embarrassingly long to realize that he was a regular on the show and I often forget he is there – he also doesn’t really jump in like a good sidekick should when things get awkward e.g. every Kirsten Stewart interview.

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