I Am Not LA Cool

21 Jan


At dinner tonight Caitlin and I sat at the table next to Chris Harrison.  Yes, as in Chris-I-recently-married-Ashley-and-JP-freaking-Harrison.

I refrained from asking him how JP was doing, but only barely.

I consider myself a fairly normal person, someone who would not see a celebrity and lose all control, but tonight proved me wrong.

Some of my weirder moments of the night:

Typing “Chris Harrison?” in my notepad and sliding it across the table so Caitlin could read it.

Refusing to stand up to take a picture.

Refusing to ask him to take a picture.

Being upset when Caitlin would not stand up or ask him to take a picture.

Shaking like a leaf during the picture.

(For the record, Caitlin took control of the situation as I had clearly lost my ability to function.)

Some of Caitlin’s weirder quotes of the night:

“This is what dreams are made of!”

“This is Chris Harrison.  I want him to officiate my wedding.”

“I am totally normal when it’s Carly Rae Jepson or something, but this is the one man I’ve wanted to meet my whole life.”

Now that I know how I react to hosts of reality shows, I have to wonder what would happen if I saw one of my life icons, like Patrick Dempsey.  Would I spontaneously burst into, “PICK ME, CHOOSE ME, LOVE ME?”


I hope it happens soon.

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