Beach Day, Jill Style

13 Jan


What do you do when it is freezing on your Malibu beach day?

You call the whole thing off and eat clam chowder and fish tacos at Neptune’s, that’s what.

You also wish you hadn’t decided to go “beach goddess” in your attire for the day and had instead worn The Yeti.

I have a theory that how you dress at the beach says everything you need to know about a person.  If you are the type of put together person who has matching coverups and perfect sandals and a beach bag (a beach bag!)…well your life is probably put together.

And if you find yourself wearing sweatpants underneath your “beach goddess” dress, a towel for warmth, and lugging a forest green Salt Lake County Library Services bag around…well then…

(There may or may not be photos of me in the aforementioned outfit.  I may or may not have been horrified when I saw said photos.  Rob may or may not have said,”What were you expecting Jill?  Look at what you are wearing.”)

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