Attention Urban Outfitters

13 Jan


Obligatory instragrammed self-portrait of me and said water bottle.

Today I was inadvertently hipster.

It started when I wore my grandma’s sweater from the 80s, which is adorable by the way.

It then escalated when I was in a rush and in my mess of unpacking couldn’t find my regular water bottle ANYWHERE. So I grabbed a S. Pellegrino bottle and filled it with water from our Brita filter.

Then suddenly I was in class and people commented on my “fancy” water. And “hipster” water.

And then I come up with a great idea for Urban Outfitters. Sell S. Pellegrino thermoses! Sell them in all sizes and shapes!  Sell a book about them!  Sell a t-shirt about them! Sell them ironically!  Sell them un-ironically!

I can’t believe it hasn’t already happened.

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